GREEDY SIGNAL RECOVERY REVIEW 1. Introduction Sparse ...
algorithms for simultaneous sparse approximation part i: greedy ...
Orthogonal Matching Pursuit with Replacement - Ambuj Tewari
A Model and Algorithm for the Courier Delivery Problem with ...
The Design of Approximation Algorithms
Influential Nodes in a Diffusion Model for Social Networks - Cornell ...
Study of Variation in TSP using Genetic Algorithm and Its Operator ...
Multi-Armed Bandit Algorithms and Empirical Evaluation
Dijkstra's Algorithm - NYU Computer Science
Greed is Good: Algorithmic Results for Sparse Approximation
An introduction to algorithms for continuous optimization
ADAPTIVE LOCAL RATIO 1. Introduction. The local-ratio ... - UT Dallas
Dynamic programming Chain matrix multiplication Chain matrix ...
COSAMP - CiteSeerX
GeOpps: Geographical Opportunistic Routing for Vehicular Networks (Cormen).pdf
A Survey of Bio inspired Optimization Algorithms - CiteSeerX
A Distributed CSMA Algorithm for Throughput ... - Semantic Scholar
An Incremental Deployment Algorithm for Mobile Robot ... - CiteSeerX
Combinatorial Optimization Problems in Self-Assembly - DNA and ...
A fast algorithm for sparse reconstruction based on - Semantic Scholar
Parallel Community Detection for Massive Graphs - Georgia Tech ...
Heuristic approach for the integrated inventory- distribution problem
Load Balancing in Large-Scale RFID Systems - Wisc
Soft-Edge Flip-flops for Improved Timing Yield - EECS @ Michigan
separation of stereo speech signals based on a sparse dictionary ...
Assembling Self-Supporting Structures
Learning to Translate in Real-time with Neural ... - Semantic Scholar
1 ln 1 ln - EECS @ Michigan - University of Michigan
An Alignment-Free Regression Approach for Estimating Allele ...
Supervised Descent Method and its Applications to Face Alignment
Extending assembly of short DNA sequences to handle ... - CiteSeerX
Adaptive Sensing Techniques for Dynamic Target Tracking - EECS ...
new sound decomposition method applied to granular ... - Gmem
A Robust, Decentralized Approach to RF-Based ... - Matt Welsh
Security Games for Controlling Contagion - Semantic Scholar
A Fast Learning Algorithm for Deep Belief Nets
A Practical Introduction to Data Structures and Algorithm Analysis ...
A New heuristic approach for large size Zero-One Multi Knapsack ...
Texture Classification - Oxford Robotics Institute - University of Oxford
THE RD-TREE - Semantic Scholar
Power Efficiency Metrics for Geographical Routing In Multihop - icdst
Mixture Trees for Modeling and Fast Conditional ... - UNC Gamma
a segment-based speaker verification system using summit1 - icdst
Shortest Paths and Network Flow Algorithms for ... - Bobby Gramacy
An MPI Prototype for Compiled Communication ... - David Lowenthal
Unsupervised Learning of Finite Mixture Models - Data Clustering
Data Structures & Algorithms -
The Tidy Set: A Minimal Simplicial Set for Computing ... - CiteSeerX
Engineering Algorithms for Route Planning in Multimodal - KIT
A probabilistic framework for next best view estimation in a cluttered ...
Video Data Mining Using Configurations of Viewpoint Invariant ...
Evaluation of Placement Techniques for DNA Probe Array ... - UConn
Abstract 1. Introduction
Efficient Bandit Algorithms for Online Multiclass ... - Ambuj Tewari
On Consistent Migration of Flows in SDNs - TIK-ETHZ
Ph.D. Qualifying Reading Lists (Revised 4/12/14) - UT Dallas
Solving Single-digit Sudoku Subproblems
Hybrid Laser and Vision Based Object Search and Localization
Controlling a Supply Chain Agent Using Value-Based Decomposition
Minimum-Energy Asynchronous Dissemination to ... - CiteSeerX
Competitive Influence Maximization in Social Networks
Peer-to-Peer Algorithms in Wireless Ad-Hoc Networks ... - edoc-Server
A Comparative Study of Training Algorithms for - Semantic Scholar
MASH: The multicasting archie server hierarchy - CIS Users web ...
Textons, Contours and Regions: Cue Integration in ... - CIS @ UPenn
Distributed Topology Control for Stable Path Routing in Multi ... - icdst
Real-time Detection of Illegally Parked Vehicles Using 1 ... - CiteSeerX
Tioga - CiteSeerX
thesis - UT Dallas
effective compile-time analysis for data prefetching in java
Journal of Integrative Bioinformatics - Leiden Lang Leven
From Machine Learning to Machine Reasoning - arXiv
An Analysis of the Viola-Jones Face Detection Algorithm
Alpha-Divergence for Classification, Indexing ... - Semantic Scholar
Visibility Culling using Hierarchical Occlusion Maps
Using a Sensor Network for Distributed Multi-Robot ... - CiteSeerX
Optimal Feeder Reconfiguration of Distribution ... - Semantic Scholar
Ph.D. Qualifying Reading Lists - UT Dallas
Distributed on-line schedule adaptation for balanced ... - CiteSeerX
Applications, Architectures, and Protocol Design Issues ... - GSU C.S.
Sparse Modeling of Textures
An Experimental Comparison of Range Image ... - CiteSeerX
BUBBLE Rap: Social-based Forwarding in Delay Tolerant Networks
Computer Science Course Descriptions - UT Dallas
A New Heuristic Method for Transportation Network and Land Use ...
k-Means Clustering via the Frank-Wolfe Algorithm
apin ores onto esh etworks on C1 - Semantic Scholar
Object Detection and Mapping for Service Robot Tasks - KTH
Simple reinforcement learning agents: Pareto ... - Semantic Scholar
Audio Inpainting - EECS/QMUL - Queen Mary University of London
Data Clustering: 50 Years Beyond K-Means - Semantic Scholar
Detecting Energy-Greedy Anomalies and Mobile ... - CiteSeerX
Human Tracking with Mixtures of Trees Abstract ... - Semantic Scholar
abstract 1. introduction - UC Berkeley Robotics
International Journal of Innovative Technology and Exploring ...

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