Journal of Oceanography - OMICS International
Journal of Oceanography - OMICS International
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Fluid Mechanics Second Edition
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Global Warming: The Science and the Politics - Fraser Institute
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Supervised Classification and Unsupervised Classification
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Handbook of Methods for the Analysis of the Various ... - Core
International Journal of Fluid Mechanics
Silvia E. Newell, Sarah E. Fawcett and Bess B. Ward. Depth ...
Curiosity The Finest Spirit of Science - UCI School of Physical ...
table of contents - The Nautical Almanac
Not to be cited without prior reference to the authors - icdst
Annual Report on Sustainable Practices - Board of Regents
Earth Science: 49 Science Fair Projects Series.
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Physical dimension of Sciences -
Age Determination and Growth Rate of the Freshwater ... - CiteSeerX
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Classification of Groundwater Level Data Using ... - Semantic Scholar
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The current state of digital reference: validation of a ... - CiteSeerX
Nutrient Loading and System Response in the Coastal Lagoons of ...
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5 Ordnance Survey Coordinate Systems
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A Vast Machine: Computer Models, Climate Data ... - Paul N. Edwards
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The Radical Emission Reduction Conference: Abstracts
Advanced Science Projects - icdst
Defining and Identifying Environmental Limits for Sustainable ...
Fluxes of acyl peroxy nitrates over a pine forest
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Coverage control for mobile sensing networks
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Propeller Design Optimization for Tunnel Bow Thrusters in the ...
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Academic Information and Procedures - University Bulletin - Penn ...

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