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Authors can submit contents to be indexed in this site using the form provided below. The crawler collects and indexes documents that are freely and publicly available and accessible. You can also put restrictions on crawler to stop it collecting papers in some directories in your site by using robots.txt file rules. Then, files can be searched from this page. Since we receive large volume of hosting requests, it takes some time for the admin to review and approve the documents before being available online.

Open-Access Journals, Publishers, and Archives

All publications are invited to set their robots.txt files compatible with our ip address and to give enough permissions for crawler to add and archive their papers in this site. So, you can add a URL that gives direct link to all of your journals papers, links that are not changeable meaning future states of such links are persistent.

File Format

PDF:At this moment the best file format for our repository is Portable Document Format which is readable across different platforms and easily indexable by robots available on internet, so users are encouraged to use this type of file format for their papers added to this site.

File Removal & Update

Take down notice: If a file's copyright is violated, please send file's link to info[at]icdst.org for removal preventing any copyright infringements. Such requests are considered usually less than 24h.

Update:Replace an old version of a file with a new one by sending alternative version to us together with URL address of primary file.

Spam removal: Files that violate ICDST Repository rules, such as 1- spam 2- inappropriate content 3- copyrighted documents and ..., will be removed permanently.

Duplicate files removal: Files that have the same content (duplicated) are removed using an automated program.

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